How to: Bulk Ingest Logistics Delivery Schedules

To ingest logistics schedules in bulk, you'll need to download the provided spreadsheet templates, copy and paste data, save the file as a Tab Separated file, and upload to DigThisData. The following steps will accomplish ingesting your logistics schedule.

Ingesting Logistics Delivery Schedules
  1. Download a spreadsheet template from DigThisData
    Google Sheets | Microsoft Excel
  2. Open the spreadsheet template - the first sheet is the template that will need to be filled in with your delivery information. The second sheet contains instructions detailing what each field is and the type of data required.
  3. Complete the template by copying column by column from any preexisting delivery spreadsheet you may have - your logistics partner most likely supplies one.
  4. Once complete, save the file as a Tab Separated text file (.TSV) with a filename of Delivery.tsv.
  5. In DigThisData, open up the Data Ingestion Widget under Data → Import Data File. Upload the Delivery.tsv file you just filled out.

Please note: Exporting to TSV from Microsoft Excel may add additional empty columns that will result in a failed upload to DTD. If you encounter an error uploading, please try uploading your spreadsheet to Google Sheets and saving a TSV from there.

For instructions on how to export your spreadsheet as a TSV, please see: FAQ: How to Export A Spreadsheet to TSV

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